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All-inclusive trips for young Jewish professionals

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Travel with young Jewish professionals from around the world

Young & dynamic group

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Live the Club Med  experience & go on the vacation of a lifetime

All-inclusive: food, drinks, parties, activities & more!

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MAR. 30 - APR 6, 2025

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MAY. 8-11, 2025

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"I literally had the best time and really didn’t know what to expect. Noa made the whole process seamless from start to finish. She was very helpful from the registration process through the entire trip itself.


This trip was one of my favorite trips I’ve had in a while and completely exceeded any expectations I had. I had never been to Club Med and now want to go to all of them all over the world - and preferably with J- cations! It felt like I was at sleep away camp on an island and the fun never stopped. This is THE most up and coming Jewish travel organization and can’t wait for many more trips with J-cations. I left with 40 new best friends and can’t wait to visit them all❤️ 


Thank you Noa for the time of my life and for organizing this whole vacation!!! I would rate it an 18/10 if I could 😉"


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There's more to come!

Travel the world with J-Cations and discover destination like Thailand, Morocco, Sicily & more!

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